Weigh Inmotion Software

Weigh Inmotion Software (WIMSoft) is application software for vehicle weighing processes using weight indicator in dynamic mode of environment.

This system can manage regular weighment of all type of vehicles, data storage and printing weighment slip. In addition to weighment, system also generates date, shifts, weighbridge and vehicle type and operator wise reports. WIMSoft having the features of data managements like invoicing, resource utilization, modify transaction of user entry, reprint slip, data upload and close pending transactions.

This system provides the tools to users to change password, main screen picture, company address, ticket & report format design, software configuration as client or client and centralized PC or client and server data base, server configuration to set the server details, weighbridge configuration, to reset the ticket number and software online activation.

Technical Features
Measures Axle Weight, Speed, No. of Axles and Gross Weight
Automatic Vehicle Classification based on GVW
Overload Detection based on GVW
Connect to any Weight Transmitter
Real Time data acquisition
Better accuracy
Real Time Graph Plotting for analysis
Fully Automatic Weighing
Weighing in WIM mode or Continuous mode
Vehicle Detection using Loop (optional) and PLC
Vehicle Separation using Light curtain and PLC
Vehicle separation by WIMSoft with settable time delay
ANPR capture, store and print
Weighment Data to ERP/SAP or Server database or Text file
Report generation with all date, period, shift, vehicle type, operator wise etc.