Vehicle Weighing Software

Vehicle Weighing Software (Veighsoft) is application software for weighbridge vehicle weight management in the field of Mining, Logistics, Industrial Plants, Ports, and Roadways Industries as private and public usage. This software can be used in all type of vehicle weighbridges, axle weighbridges and wheel weighing pads. The system is designed to accommodate the vehicle weighing processes using weight indicator in static mode of environment.

It generates vehicle, products, sources, destination, suppliers, driver, transporter, containers, custom fields, date, shifts, weighbridges and operator wise reports. Veighsoft having the features of data managements like invoicing, resource utilization, modify transaction of user entry, reprint slip, data upload and close pending transactions. Veighsoft contains the manageable master data for vehicles, products, sources, destination, suppliers, driver, transporter, containers, customers, resources, weighbridges, shifts, user master with privileges.

Technical Features Salient Features
User privilege for software security Weighbridge Diagnosis Pre-tare Weighment
Integrate with any Weight Transmitter Integrate with any Weighbridge Single Weighment
Data Integration to SAP/ERP Internal storage of weighment data First Second Weighment
Integrated with any printer Report conversion to required format Entry Exit Weighment
Print with Barcode Label Write Email to any mail with file attachment Multi Weighment
Data transfer from Client to server database Data capture from RFID Reader Dual Weighment
Vehicle data from ANPR Data Printing by Barcode Printer Tare Weighment
Data capture from Barcode Scanner Modify Transaction other than Tare/Gross/Net Container Weighment
Send SMS using GSM/GPS or Gateway Data Uploading to Cloud Server Offline Weighment
Data transferring to Centralized System Preload last user entries Invoicing
Private and Public Usage Customizable User Fields Calibration & Testing
Customizable Masters Customization of Slips / Report Format