Petro Chemicals Weighing and Automation Software 

Trucksoft Pro – Truck Weighing and Automation Software is windows-based application to automate the truck loading and unloading the petrochemicals and weighing process by assign the RFID card with bay no., weigh the truck and control the traffic signal lights through DCS for six set of weighing stations. The system is designed to accommodate the truck weighing processes using weight indicator in Static mode of environment.

This system can capture the access card details through Card Reader and send the command to DCS to enable the signal light. This system can manage regular weighment of truck, data storage and printing weighment certificate. In addition to weighment, system also accommodates report generation like purpose, bay no., material, truck number, vehicle type, driver name, transporter wise reports.

Trucksoft has the data menu to reprint the slip, modify the transaction, close pending transaction, upload to server, back up database, delete data, recover database, data searching and file transfer.

Technical Features
Automate and Operate the 6 weighbriges for filling and discharging the petrochemicals
Connect to 6 channels weighing indicators using Ethernet
Connect to 7 RFID card readers using RS485
Connect Plant 1 DCS using ModbusTCP and controls for specific Bays
Connect Plant 2 DCS using ModbusTCP and controls for specific Products
Control 6 Bays signal lights RED and GREEN through DCS using ModbusTCP
Data strorage, printing Weighbridge Certificate and data store to Server
SCADA with realtime process
Petrochemicals loading and unloading with target weight / voloume weight
Compute target weight and valume and control products filling
Technical Schematic : Download schematic