Fabric Inspection Software

Fabric Inspection and Management Software (FINSoft) is application software for inward the roll of fabric, inspect & detect the defects of the fabric and dispatch the fabric to sales or cutting in the field of Textiles and Garments. This software can be used for all type of fabric normal inspection machines, 4 point system, 10 point system, Graniteville "78" system and Dallas system. It can transfer data to Cloud, Shared or Main server database in online and offline mode.

Technical Specification
Detect the defects using Controller & Encoder
Detect the defects using PLC/HMI & Encoder
User privilege for software security
Easy Integrate with any machine
Integrate with any weight indicator
Integrated with any printer
Report conversion to required format
Report from Cloud Server
Barcode Printing the labe
Data transferring to Centralized System
Customization of Slips / Report Format
All in One solution for any machine
Smooth operation, even behind firm walls