Coil Weighing Software

This is a windows-based application to weigh the pallet and coil for Steel Industries. The system is designed to accommodate the coil weighing processes using weight indicator in Static mode of environment. This system can manage regular weighment of coil, data storage, printing barcode label and store pallet-coil details into text file for SAP. In addition to weighment, system also accommodates Report generation, Material, Source, Destination, Shift masters, User Master with privileges, SMTP settings, Indicator communication settings and Write E-mail to send the email with file attachments.

Technical Specification
Real time Digital Signal Processing
Weighing in static mode
Pallet weighing
Internal storage of weighment data
Better accuracy
Integrate with any Weight Transmitter
Report conversion to required format
Write Email to any mail with file attachment
Integrated with any printer
Barcode Printing and Scanning
User privilege for software security