GPS Navigator - 10" Chart Plotter GPS with AIS

SH-1098A is Chart Plotter GPS Navigator combo Class B AIS Transponder and Receiver for marine application. This 10" Chart Plotter GPS Navigator and AIS is to display the accurate GPS location, Worldwide MAP, track and locate Gillnets, Long lines, Boats or Ships with GPS AIS buoys and AIS. It also displays the nearest Ship and Boat information which will help Fishman for an emergency.


Technical Features

ü   10 inch chart plotter GPS Navigator with AIS

ü 10000 waypoints;10000 marks, 500routes of up to 100 waypoints each; 24 tracks of up to 6100 track points each

ü  AIS supports international standard text messaging and display

ü   Real-time display, tracking and tracing of the vessel and the surrounding maritime AIS ship targets 

ü AIS: Receive and Send message, SOS 

ü Alarm: ARV Alarm, XTE Alarm, ANC Alarm, MET Alarm

ü Display screens: chart plotter screen, satellite screen, highway screen, compass screen, position screen, steering screen, digital screen, COG/SOG screen, GPS Buoy screen

ü Waterproof, moisture proof, salt spray proof

ü Track Protection, Can delete any track

ü Voltage: 10-24VDC

ü Accessories: GPS Antenna, Buoy Antenna

ü Display System: Screen size:10.4inch True color LCD screen 800X600 pixel, brightness > 230cd/m2
ü Accuracy GPS: position: <5m (95%); speed: 0.1m/s; time: ±100ns Synchronized with satellite time